New project announcement

New project announcement

I am excited to announce my next documentary project ‘Gaurakshas: The Cow Protectors’ which has been funded by One World Media.

My documentary aims to uncover the story of the Gaurakshas also known as The Cow Protectors. In Gujarat, India, a movement is happening where the civilians of society are taking their own initiate and guts to revolt against animal violence, illegal slaughter and catching criminals along the way. The documentary piece will focus on the main subject, Nehaben who is the leader of the group in Gujarat with the inclusion of other cow protector volunteers.

Under The Bombay Animal Preservation Act 1954 (applied to Gujarat) the slaughter of cows, calves, bulls or bullocks are totally prohibited.

Anyone violating the law could be punished with imprisonment or a fine of 1-5 lakh rupees.

In response to these laws, the Gaurakshas voluntarily take action in the form of rescues to protect the animals by all means including risking their lives. Therefore, the story will cover the action rescues that they perform. The rescue unfollows by Nehaben and the volunteers keeping a vigil on the highways and roads that are known to transporting animals. Sometimes the locals call them to inform that they have seen a vehicle carrying animals, usually cows and bulls, in a particular place on a particular road. Nehaben and her team, often accompanied by the police, intercept and stop these vehicles. As this act of transporting animals is illegal in India, the drivers often try to drive off which then leads to a car chase. Once the team catch the vehicle, they immediately check the truck and find the animals tied in the back usually injured and starving. The animals are then unloaded and sent to animal shelters, in particular the Pashu Mandir in Karjan, near Vadodara. These rescue missions happen daily, they are spontaneous yet despite this, Nehaben is always prepared and brave to carry them out.

On a whole this documentary plans to cover the Gaurakshas entire journey in saving the animals with elements of conflict and emotion through a truthful eye.

I am crowdfunding both for the Gaurakshas as well as the Documentary project. There are many different aspects to what the funds will go towards, below are a few:

· Funding to buy more vehicles for rescues (mainly pickup trucks/intercept trucks)
· Maintaining vehicles that they use for chasing illegal butchers
· Reparing their damaged vehicles
· Paying for Diesel for chases
· Health and welfare – this includes hospital treatment for the injured animals
· Purchasing Manual cow cranes for cows who can’t stand up
· Insurance – for the vehicles and animals in care
· Sanctuary expenses (food, water, shelter, staff)
· Paying lawyers who can help in court cases
· Supporting volunteers with food and water and approproate clothing
· Buying vehicle equipment for evidence such as dashcams
· Hospital treatment for volunteers in accidents

You can read more about the film and donate here