Displaced Diaspora

DISPLACED DIASPORA (2017, 5m, Experimental/Dance)

A digital short experimental and dance piece based on the 1972 Ugandan Exodus.

A short audio-visual piece looking at the impact of the Ugandan Exodus in 1972 and the conflict Asians faced. We took Idi Amin’s declaration, voices of hard-hitting experiences from Asian migrants and repetitive Mridangam drum beats to create a soundscape for the film. Hiten performed dance sequences expressing the fear and paranoia Amin suffered, together with the anger, frustration and confusion we as young people are responding to Amin’s cruel intentions. In post, Meera manipulated the footage through experimental edits to further amplify this message. We used a silhouette of the body as a powerful visual keyed in with photographs from migrants and archive footage of the Ugandan expulsion, including coverage of Asians queuing up for Visas, British protests against Indians return and Idi Amin’s sinister facial expressions. Together with this, moments of the choreography was transformed into art pieces using the Studio Artist software.

Commissioned by the London Asian Film Festival, Tongues on Fire, 2017

Director, Producer, DOP, Editor – Meera Darji
Director, Producer, Dancer, Choreographer – Hiten Mistry

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  • Cinematographer, Director, DOP, Editor, Producer
  • 2017