In the Life of Manilal Kataria

A Documentary based on Manilal Kataria in Ahmedabad, India. His daily routine includes washing 30-40 cars, cleaning houses, washing utensils and working in a provision store. Today, human beings have machines to accomplish all their work. However, Manilal believes in completing work with his bare hands. His day ends with sweat on his forehead, strength in his hands and a lasting bicycle for his journey home. A true story based on a hard-working soul.

Official Selections:
NFFTY National Film Festival Talented Youth | Official Selection | April 2014 | Seattle, USA
International Student Broke Film Festival | Official Selection | March 2014 | Michigan, USA
BoVi Film Festival | Official Selection | April 2014 | Idaho, USA
RATMA Film Festival | Official Selection | April 2014 | UK

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  • I enjoyed viewing your film. Keep up the great work, and I hope all the best for you.

    Gregory Hinde, Music Composer at Agaram Animation Studio
  • I thoroughly enjoyed your Documentary – ‘In the Life of Manilal Kataria’.

    Angus Brown, Creative Producer, Director, Actor & Workshop Practitioner
  • I watched your short and I am again impressed with your skills as a film maker. I really liked the tracking shot when Manilal is riding his bicycle - brilliant. The VO also works really well with the visuals in telling his story, and, whilst some music would have added a layer, what you have created stands up on its own without the need - so well done. I would be most interested in working with you on your future productions. I am forever watching work sent through to me by 'aspiring' film makers and so many times I am disappointed with what I see. - its not often I see potential, but you have it, and you could go very far with your talent.

    Dale Sumner, Freelance Music Composer
  • Thank you for that, it was a very moving short about Manilal and I really like the fact that it was understated. Most people would attempt to cram so much detail in but you have balanced it perfectly.Its one of those shorts that leaves you contemplating it for the next few days.

    Jason Dante, Freelance sales and events manager, social entrpenure, volunteer
  • Really good stuff Meera..Well done!!

    Anit ‘On’ Bashar, Director & Editor of 'The Love We Had' - Joss Stone Music Video
  • Very nice video. Very talented.

    Marcus Springer , TV/Film Screenwriter & Founder at Saviour Mediatrickz Entertainment Freelance
  • Great work Meera. Love this.

    Bill Newsinger, Freelance Film Maker
  • Super cool story!!! Super!

    NatureHood Media, Film Procution Company
  • Good video, like your short documentaries.

    Kaushy Patel, Pat The Bull Films
  • Lovely work well done. I am looking forward to see much more from you now.

    Andrey Andonov, Producer and Director at NatureMedia
  • Camera Operator, Cinematographer, Director, Editor
  • 2013