Can silence be heard? (Poem)

Today, rape is exploited; the word can be associated with terrorism due to its high increase of popularity. In every country, sexual assaults on women are increasing day by day, where the total numbers cannot be counted due to its mass. I wanted to consider how emotional yet gratifying this issue is. Not just in India, but all over the world. We live in a society where we have to teach women to not get raped rather than teaching men not to rape. Ridiculously, this issue is becoming a norm where there needs to be a solid stop. This is a huge deal, where we need our voices heard.

Can silence be heard?

Victims are those, their pain is heard,
With power they hold, these men are absurd

Stay silent, we can weep
Raise our voice, we will defeat

Brutal fate, daunting like a hawk
Our sorrows, their pain, justice denied in court

What has this come to, women are provoked
All we can do is protest and show hope

Cases, there are millions wherever we go,
But together by signing petitions we have to say no

Abuse, slaughter, damage, gradually becoming a norm,
Make sure you warn your children that are to be born

Trapped in fear, scarred for life,
Abused till death, we all need to carry a knife

Don’t worry its not your daughter, sister or mother,
Though it could be, even if you’re no other

Signs made from paper, we want our voices heard
Yet the more we shout, our rage seems to be blurred

Like sharks they roam on the docks, forever and always
We raise our candles to put rape to a stop.

In remembrance to all those female victims who died, lived and faced rape.

Written by: Meera Darji

© Meera Darji | 2013 | All Rights Reserved

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  • 2013