Churning of the Ocean of Milk

This short film explores an experimental vision of the story ‘Churning of the ocean of milk’. After researching into the works of Dziego Vertov, I became more clear on the whole concept of the Kino eye. Kino meaning truth, was heightened in Vertov’s work such as, Kino Pravda, which captured fragments of everyday life and in turn was edited in a montage. His driving vision was to capture fragments of actuality which, when organized together, showed a deeper truth which could not be seen with the naked eye (Hill 2013). I took all of this into account and starting thinking about the camera as a mechanical eye.

The film focuses on the boiling point of the story ‘Churning of the sea of milk’ (Samudra manthan) and uses symbolism to the classical dance Kathak, dieties and milk to re-create the mood, emotion and atmosphere of that time.

  • Director, DOP, Editor
  • 2016