Struggle with Life & Race against Time

A Documentary based on my Grandfather; Surendrakumar Bhagat capturing his journey from being a helpless, brave Typist to a hard-working Bank Manager. This is a real story of how a simple person’s life began through such struggle and crisis. His journey began with many difficulties. But ended with happiness. Struggle with Life and Race against Time takes you on an emotional journey, bringing an inspiring soul to life.

“When a human is born on earth, God sends them with a purpose…”

Awards & Official Selections

  • Winner of Festival Prize | Brighton Youth Film Festival | 2013
  • Official Selection & Shortlist | Jump Cut Short Film Festival | 2013
  • Official Selection | RATMA Film Festival | 2013
  • Official Selection & Screening | Cinematique Student Film Festival | 2013
  • Official Selection & Screening | Peckham & Nunead Film Festival | 2013
  • Official Selection & Screening | Ickle Film Festival | 2013
  • Official Selection, Screening & Shortlist | Screen Stockport Film Festival | 2013


  • “Brilliant, Meera.
    Congratulations! This is an excellent piece of art work and a perfect, befitting tribute to your grandfather as well. Keep the great job going and God bless you.”

    Jagan Ramamoorthy, Musician for Best Marigold Hotel, Drag me to hell, Hulk.
  • “Congratulations, you have already accomplished so much in your short life, you should be proud and I'm sure your family is as well.”

    Rob Tobin, Writer for $10 million feature film “Dam 999” which was shortlisted for a 2012 Best Picture Oscar.
  • “Well done Meera for all your hard work. I hope this leads to lots of opportunities for you.”

    Sally Winter, Costume and Production designer
  • “Well done! I found your film both entertaining and inspirational."

    Lez Barstow, Writer, Producer, Director
  • “I like your film very much, Darji. You have done something good and worthwhile. I congratulate you.”

    Nijel Lesmoir, Author
  • “A very compelling piece - congratulations. I too come from a family with struggles and history. Your grandfather seems like a very good man and a brave one too. Well done!!”

    Dean, Producer/Director at D and D Films
  • “Thank for the information and link to your Documentary. I really liked it.”

    Daniel Gennie, Actor/Writer/Social Media Journalist
  • “Extraordinary story. Shows a humanity often unseen. The cinematography, lighting, transitions, music, and subtitles--excellent. It was a thought provoking film, and leaves the viewer with a sense of time, struggle, commitment, and value. You're very talented Meera (if I may), I think you're on a path to fulfill a creative purpose--time always in pursuit--and the timing of your film suggests a comprehension of this. Good work--I see great things in store for you“

    D.D. Cross , Writer, Editor, Artist and Creative Consultant
  • “Very emotional film & inspiring. Well crafted & the pacing of the film was good. Completely related to your Grandfather, he seemed to be a very nice man.”

    Director & Producer at Author, Pat The Bull Films
  • “Excellent story Meera”

    Ciaron Davies, Director at Loose Gripp Films
  • “What a lovely inspirational film, well done.”

    Imran Akram, Found and Chief Executive at Brit Writers
  • Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Producer
  • 2013