Strum For Hope

Brooke is homeless. An unexpected situation, she never imagined to be part of. Losing her mother when she was young, her father remarried. Few years later her father left and Brooke became trapped with her horrible step mum; Jill. With no support and lack of confidence, Brooke lost her hope to strive towards her goal. Brooke decides to leave home for good, where she believes the world out there is a better place to live in. Expressing her thoughts and feelings poetically, we see her explore the world seeking for hope and aiming save money for college.

“Some are born with a family, a career, a certain lifestyle, but some, some like me, we manifest those things through our journey, truly seeking hope within…” – Brooke
Strum For Hope (Short Film)

Director, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Editor – Meera Darji

Brooke – Sophie Heath-Taylor
Jill – Sarah Thorold
Librarian – Sheila Darji

Boom Operator – Hardik Bhagat
Sound – Priyanka Darji

Music by:
Corrina Taylor, Sarah Thorold, Snowflake, OldDog

With Thanks To:
Janine Heath-Taylor, Anil Tailor, Dave Haylett, Cherie, Kaushey Patel, Kate Mills, Hani, Simon Horrocks & Belgrave Library.

© Meera Darji 2013 | All Rights Reserved

Official Selections

  • Official Selection | Bang Short Film Festival | 2013
  • Official Selection | International Children’s Film Festival India (ICFFI) | 2013
  • Camera Operator, Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Photographer, Producer, Stills Photographer, Writer
  • 2013